The Most Important Car Features to Keep Young Drivers Coming Home Safely

Buying a safe car for your teen driver is one of the most critical steps in keeping your young ones safe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found in 2010 that 1,900 drivers ages 15 to 20 died behind the wheel… that’s 35% of teen deaths caused by driving accidents. Among the efforts to combat fatal car accidents, in 2007 Congress enacted National Teen Driver Safety Week to take place on the third week in October.  Here at Knudtsen, however, we know how to keep your family safe just as well as we know how to always get you the best value… all year-round.

New or used, there is some basic safety equipment your teen’s car should include, so let our staff ensure your new or used purchase has these critical safety features:

  • Electronic stability control (ESC) – This helps reduce the risk of rollover crashes by keeping the vehicle in the driver’s intended path by slowing down or speeding up the car, or a combination of both.
  • Daytime running lights (DRL) – Once the car is turned on, the headlights will shine to increase visibility among other cars on the road.
  • Antilock braking system (ABS) – This system helps prevent the wheels from locking during panic braking, which allows the driver to keep better control of the vehicle.
  • Airbags – Airbags are complementary safety devices that work best in conjunction with seatbelts and proper seating position. When shopping, check to see how many are installed and in which location – important ones are front and side curtain airbags. For more information, check NHTSA’s guide at
  • Safety belt pretensioners – Pretensioners tighten the safety belt to prevent passengers from jerking forward in a crash. Older vehicles may not be equipped with seatbelt pretensioners, but it varies by make and model.
  • All-wheel drive – This can be an expensive option, but is ideal for drivers in cold-weather climates. All-wheel drive keeps vehicles planted when roads get icy or have snow, because it directs power to the front or rear wheels or, if applicable, both. If your car is bound to see some beautiful mountain views, it’s a must!

Knudtsen Chevrolet is a great choice for the whole family, because the relationship doesn’t end when you drive away. Our Certified Service Center is always brimming with discounts ranging from simple oil change coupons to our Tire Finder, and we know one day you’ll have a technical or repair question you need answered before you bring your car in, so we’re always here to listen and help!  Knudtsen Chevrolet has been serving the Spokane and Post Falls communities since 1939, and remains family owned and operated until this very day.


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