Doing Business the Family Way

Doing business with family-owned businesses isn’t just about helping your local economy; it has a tremendous impact on what you receive with respect to quality.  Family businesses are the fuel of our entire national economy, and while complaints of customer service and product quality with big business never end, the added value of patronizing family-run companies is often overlooked, ironically because of such widespread customer satisfaction.

Knudtsen Chevrolet is a perfect example.  After 74 years in business and 3 generations to carry on their tradition of excellence, Knudtsen’s results speak for themselves.  In fact, no other business in the C’oeur d’Alene/Spokane area has been owned and operated by one family as long as Knudtsen Chevrolet; when asked why the dealership has been so successful for ¾ of a century, Dealer Principal Eve Knudtsen replied:

Eve Knudtsen

Eve Knudtsen

“We are passionate our employees, their families, our customers and the communities we serve.  We strive to make all feel as if they are and have always been a member of the family.”

 According to a study conducted by the Family Firm Institute, “Family unity and cohesion are critical to family business success, according to respondents. Eighty-seven percent say family members share values and 83 percent reported unity on ownership matters such as strategy and management. Eighty-five percent report that the family shares similar values with employees and customers.[1]

Statistics like these haven’t changed; in fact, the Family Business Alliance reports that[2] family-owned businesses comprise 80% to 90% of all business enterprises in North America, contribute 64% of the GDP, and employ 62% of the U.S. workforce. Leaders in job creation, innovation, and in providing stable employment opportunities, family-owned businesses tend to:

  • think and act strategically over the long term
  • act in a responsible, ethical manner with customers, employees, and the community
  • spearhead community philanthropic activities.

It’s nearly impossible to catch Knudtsen Chevrolet at a time when they’re not actively involved in the community.  Right now, Diamonds to Dreams is underway – a Hometown Chevy Dealer promotion in partnership with KXLY’s Extreme Team to rebuild a local baseball diamond.  The Coeur d’Alene Summer Theater season is beginning, partially in thanks to Knudtsen Chevy.  Even helping other local businesses – they’re a founding member of business consortium to construct KTEC, a member of the North Idaho Manufacturer’s Consortium, and a supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Kootenai County since its inception.  Stay tuned to hear how Eve Knudtsen places in the Coeur d’Alene Marathon on Memorial Day weekend!

Excellent service, integrity and genuinely devoted employees – these are among the many reasons so many “customer families” love Knudtsen Chevrolet, staying loyal generation after generation and car after car.  At this family-owned business, your expectations are always exceeded by global-brand quality paired with that time-tested small business trust and attention to every relationship.


About eveknudtsen

President of Knudtsen Chevrolet Co.
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