Introducing the Northwest Consignment Center – Brought to You by the Knudtsen Family!

How and Why to Sell Your Car on Consignment

Consignment isn’t just for outgrown baby clothes and your grandmother’s retro purses. These days, it can be one of the best ways to sell a used car — and it’s likely your best option if you don’t have a lot of experience selling cars online.

Car Consignment Benefits

Car Consignment Benefits

3 Reasons to Consign Your Car

Car consignment through an established local auto dealer has three compelling advantages for car owners:

  • Personal Safety One of the biggest hassles of selling a used car is arranging for strangers to contact you and test drive the car. You have to advertise somehow, and publish your personal contact information in any advertisements you place and give it to prospective buyers.  Each time you do get a prospective buyer, you have to choose between riding around in the car with a stranger or letting that stranger test drive your vehicle without you, hoping they return. If you choose to put your car on consignment, the dealership interacts with prospective car buyers, and none of it entails your personal information or your valuable time.
  • Convenience If you already have a full schedule, selling a car and squeezing in test drives can fall somewhere between burdensome and impossible. With car consignment, the dealership handles this for you. You only get involved when the dealership comes to you with an offer.
  • Exposure An established dealership has access to a steady flow of used car buyers, so your car will get more exposure merely by being among other cars for sale… which also lends credibility as opposed to selling privately! The dealership will also advertise the car for you, using the same time-tested and proven methods used for all their other used cars for sale.

Other consignments benefits vary, depending on the dealership you use. For example, Northwest Consignment Center will clean the car and do a market analysis for you. The market analysis allows you to make an educated decision about your selling price.

Consign Your Car in 4 Steps

The consignment process follows four steps:

  1. Set an appointment with the dealership. At Northwest Consignment Center, you can set your appointment online. When you bring the car in, you’ll need to show your identification, plus the car’s current registration and title. That’s when the car is inspected and the pricing team completes the market analysis.
  2. Set your price. You will set the price of your car. Keep in mind that you do not pay the consignment fee until your car sells. Northwest Consignment Center uses a scaled fee structure, which helps to keep your car priced competitively.
  3. Wait for your car to sell. The dealership will market your car and coordinate the test drives.
  4. Accept an offer. You will be notified when an offer is made on your car, and you’ll have the opportunity to make a counter offer. Once you accept an offer, the dealership will work with you to pay off any loan balance and transfer the title.

There are also risks involved in selling a car privately… for example, the average cost of repairs needed on a private used car sale is $2,000 or more.  Even if you sell your car “as is,” you might expect some unwelcome calls and correspondence well after the sale of your car if the buyer comes across any problems. Putting your car on consignment eliminates that risk!  If you want to sell your car without getting your hands dirty and taking on a time-consuming project, consignment with a trusted local dealership is the way to go. It’s safe, secure and a lot less stressful.

For more information about selling your car on consignment, visit the Northwest Consignment Center’s online FAQs.  The Northwest Consignment Center by Knudtsen Chevrolet proudly serves Post Falls and the surrounding community. Call or visit us online today to set an appointment with our consignment team.


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