Accessories for your Chevy: Something for Everyone

If, like many people, you consider your car as a reflection of yourself, then it makes sense to personalize it to make it more, well, you. And thanks to the myriad of auto accessories available both in stores and on the web, your options for customizing your vehicle are practically endless.
Chevrolet Corvette 4x4

Creature Comforts

Are you a comfort seeker? Choose from an array of interior accessories designed to enhance your driving experience – including beaded or cushioned seat covers and padded covers for your steering wheel, armrest, and seatbelt. And for the ultimate in on-the-road comfort, treat yourself to a muscle massager designed exclusively for car travel.

Looking Good

If bling is your thing, how about adding a little style to the outside of your car with a custom license plate and blue lights under the sills? Alloy wheels not only look great, their lighter weight also reduces road shock and increases control on braking, steering and acceleration. Spruce up the interior of your vehicle with custom floor mats, or household area rugs cut to size.

Accessories for Athletes

Whatever your sport of preference, chances are there’s an accessory available to make it easier to enjoy. For cyclists, there are bike racks available that attach to the car’s hitch, roof, trunk, and even the spare tire – with some holding up to five bikes. Also available are racks for skis, snowboards, kayaks, and canoes. A cargo net secures balls and other sporting equipment in the rear of your car or SUV, and a cargo basket or pouch allows you to transport even more equipment on your vehicle’s roof.

Necessities for the Neat Freak

If you live by the motto, “a place for everything and everything in its place,” then vehicle storage accessories are a must-have to keep you organized while on the go. A glove compartment organizer stores all your registration, insurance and maintenance documents.  A hanging back-seat organizer keeps your kids’ stuff neat and accessible. Organizing bins are available in various sizes and hold everything from CDs to blankets. A cargo net secures groceries or sports equipment in the rear of your car or SUV.

Picks for your Pooch

Do you travel often with your pet? Keep your pet comfortable and your vehicle protected with a special seat cover, hammock, or travel bed. A pet barrier or partition helps your furry friend stay safe and out of your way. For maximum safety, strap Fido in an adjustable pet harness tethered to the seatbelt.

Clearly, there are no rules when it comes to accessorizing your vehicle. The type and style of customization – how much or how little you accessorize – it all depends on you and how you roll!

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