Knudtsen’s Northwest Fender Bender. Let us help.


It happened so fast.  Came out of nowhere.  And now your beautiful baby- your car or truck- has been ruined in an accident.  This can seem like one of the worst days of your life.  When your vehicle is in an accident it can seem frustrating and overwhelming.

But take comfort.  Knudtsen Chevrolet has always had a  very good body shop but now, we have a great one.  When Knudtsen couldn’t handle a particular repair, due to time or space restraints, we consistently referred our clients to Northwest Fender Bender.  Don Gosney and his team there have always done careful, first class work, making vehicles look like “it never happened.”  Well now, Don and the team at Northwest Fender Bender have joined forces with Knudtsen Chevrolet, as “Knudtsen’s Northwest Fender Bender.”

Don Gosney has been doing high quality auto body repair since he was in high school.  He worked with his grandfather for a time and learned not only the skills necessary, but also the attention to detail and sense of perfectionism that allowed him to make Northwest Fender Bender the premier auto body shop in the greater Post Falls area.

DonGosney002-editOne of the things that makes Don so good at what he does is his understanding of what his customers are going through in the days after an accident, “Nobody wants to come see me,” he says.  “Many times it’s one of the worst days of people’s lives.  I’ve seen every emotion; people crying, people angry, feeling helpless, but the thing that is so rewarding, is to see the change in those people when they come in and see what we did with their car.
I just love seeing smiles on people’s faces when their car looks like the day they bought it.”

Corvette-4-upSo why the change?
Northwest Fender Bender was starting to get more work than they could take on and Don had reached a point where he knew that he had to either expand or join forces with another shop.  Don says, “It had gotten to where I was going to have to lease a new facility and hire some more people, and I was kind of at a crossroads.”  Shortly after, Don was approached by Eve Knudtsen, our owner and after some negotiations, the rest as they say….


We are so glad to have Don and his expertise as a part of our brand and our offering for our customers.  It truly does make Knudtsen a one-stop shop for all of our customer’s needs.

Now, they can purchase a great vehicle, have that vehicle serviced, and if the unthinkable happens, they can bring that vehicle to us to make things right and restore it back to its original state.
All at the same place

Our customers should also know that Knudtsen offers a variety of convenient advantages to make things even easier:

Carolla-2-up-We work on all makes and models.
If it’s wrecked, we can fix it.

– We work with all insurance companies.  We have the experience to work with your insurance company from start to finish, handling all of the paperwork.  Relax.

– We offer financing for deductibles.  Coming up with $500 to $1,000 dollars to get your car fixed can be daunting.  Let us make it a little easier.

Knudtsen Chevrolet is always working to improve and offer greater value and services to our customers.  We believe that the addition of Knudtsen’s Northwest Fender Bender is a significant step in making us the premier Chevrolet Dealership in the area, and definitely the premier body shop in the area for ANY make.

We hope that our customers stay safe on the roads and that nothing ever happens to their vehicles.  But know this; if it does, we have the facilities, people and expertise to get your vehicle back on the road.
Like it never happened.

Knudtsen Chevrolet


About eveknudtsen

President of Knudtsen Chevrolet Co.
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