Is Your Chevrolet Ready For The School Season?

Car maintenance comes with plenty of benefits when done consistently. It’s a great way to prepare your car for the hustle and bustle of the school season. Plus, you get to save on gas money. Keeping up with regular car maintenance is essential, especially when you are driving a used Chevrolet. Follow these simple car care tips to ensure a safe and efficient ride during the school year:



Get an oil change.

Having sufficient oil prevents engine failure and keeps your car parts from deteriorating. Nowadays there are so many engine oil options it’s not easy picking the right one. To avoid confusion, refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended oil type.

Get a coolant flush.

A coolant flush will restore and maintain your cooling and heating system. If you notice an unusual noise when your A/C is running, be sure to get your system inspected. Typically, leaks and cracks are the number one cause of overheating.

Inspect your wiper blades.

The fall is a wet season for residents of Post Falls, ID. To stay safe on the road, be sure to get your windshield wipers inspected. Also, pay attention to metal corrosion and visible cracks. This can prevent your wiper blades from making firm contact with the windshield thus deteriorating wipe quality.

Get your battery inspected.

The best way to inspect your Chevy battery is to disconnect it and give it a thorough clean-up and detailing. When it comes to removing your battery cables, be sure to remove the negative cable first and replace it last. Also, clean off powdery corrosion deposits in order to re-tighten your battery’s connects.

Check your tire pressure.

Under inflated tires are dangerous. Not only does your gas mileage deteriorate, you also face the risk of irregular drive patterns. Your owner’s manual will give you the recommended air pressure to keep your Chevy well balanced.

Get a car wash.

Keeping your Chevy clean keeps it looking new and maintains the quality of your car parts. Be sure to clean both the interior and exterior. Overtime, dirt and debris build up can lead to corrosion and rusting. Also, a clean car means a comfortable ride for everyone.

Get your brakes inspected.

Your brake system is complicated. It includes many components such as brake pads, rotors and hoses. To give your brakes the proper care they need, be sure to get them inspected by a trained professional. Immediately have your brakes inspected if you hear a squealing or grinding sound when braking.

The best way to ensure a safe ride this school season is by getting your Chevrolet ready for the road ahead of time. A well maintained car means increased safety, performance and an extend lifespan. It also means an improved gas mileage.

Whether you are driving a new or used Chevrolet, our service technicians have you covered. Visit us at Knudtsen Chevrolet at 1900 E Polston Ave, Post Falls, ID 83854 or, give us a call at 877-310-0364 to schedule a service appointment.



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