10 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Chevy and Your Garage

With the winter weather finally in the rearview mirror here in northwest Idaho, it’s time to turn our attention to a necessary chore that most of us would prefer to avoid: Spring Cleaning. We here at Knutdsen Chevrolet, the premier Chevy dealership in Post Falls, Idaho, serving northwest Idaho, Coeur d’ Alene, and Spokane, want to encourage you by offering some helpful tips on cleaning our your garage. Of course, your Chevy also deserves a spring cleaning of its own to help retain its appearance and value.

spring cleaning

Let’s start with your Chevy. (These automotive spring cleaning tips certainly work for just about any make or model vehicle; but of course we’re partial to Chevys.)

  1. Clean the engine and undercarriage – Over time, dirt and grime builds up on the engine block. This can actually cause your engine to run hotter than normal. We recommend a professional steam cleaning of your engine compartment. It’s also a good idea to pressure-wash beneath the car to remove road-salt buildup and other contaminants. If you do it yourself, be sure to cover exposed electrical parts and let your engine dry thoroughly before starting it.
  2. Pamper your paint job – The harsh Idaho winters really do a number on your Chevy’s paint job. That’s why we suggest giving it a good hand wax to maintain its luster. You should also use a protectant on all rubber, vinyl, and plastic, both inside and out. Our Parts Department at Knudtsen Chevrolet offers a variety of cleaners and other products especially designed for your Chevy.
  3. Give your wipers a good look – Wiper blades deteriorate over time; especially in cold weather. If you notice skipping, streaking, or chattering have them replaced. Look for cracks, separation, or stiffness. Visit our Parts Department for the correct blades made for your Chevrolet car or truck.
  4. Inspect tires – Changes in temperature can have an impact on tire pressure. With the change of seasons, now is the time to check your tire pressure and inflate to manufacturer’s specifications. You should do this about once a month. Or if your Chevy comes equipped with a tire-pressure monitoring system, it will alert you to improper tire pressure. Also, be sure to check for any visible damage or uneven wear. Our certified Chevrolet technicians at Knudtsen Chevy will be happy to replace your blades, and make sure you and your Chevy keep rolling along.
  5. Keep things fluid – Your oil and transmission fluids are the lifeblood of your Chevy. Check them regularly and change them based on the service schedule in your Chevy owner’s manual. You should also visually inspect your power steering, windshield washer, and brake fluid levels as well. Fill these from a new, unopened container to avoid contamination. Our certified Chevy service professionals will be happy to perform these important maintenance items for you. Plus, we service other makes and models, too.

Now that your Chevy is up to par, it’s time to turn attention to your garage. After all, it’s the best place to keep your Chevy protected from the elements. Here are some additional suggestions to make your garage spring cleaning easier:

gatage cleaning

  1. Get the gang together – Cleaning out the garage is a big job. Make it easier by involving family members and friends to pitch in. They may even take a few things off your hands in the process.
  2. Remove everything you can – A necessary step is to remove as much stuff as you can so you can get rid of what you don’t need and keep what you do. Be sure to check your local ordinances for properly disposing of dangerous chemicals like paint, gasoline, or cleaners.
  3. Come up with a plan – Now that you can see what space you have to work with, come up with a plan for organizing the garage to maximize your space.
  4. Sort, sell, donate, trash – Once you’ve got everything out of your garage, sort it into four piles: Keep, donate, trash or sell. You’ll be surprised at what you don’t really need or want anymore. Donate to a local charity or have a yard sale to help get rid of unwanted items.
  5. Give it a new look – Give your garage a fresh, clean look by sweeping, painting, and removing oil stains. Check your local home improvement center for products especially designed to clean up oil and grease from garage floors.
  6. Keep things off the floor – Use open shelving to organize and store items and specially made hooks to store such things as rakes, brooms, and other items with handles. You can even install ceiling mounted shelving and hooks for larger items, like bikes.
  7. Organize, box and label it – Invest in some sturdy banker boxes which you can get at your local office supply store. These are great for storing paperwork. Buy clear stackable bins of different sizes for storing miscellaneous stuff. The key here is to clearly label everything. Organize like items together, such as cleaning supplies and lawn equipment, so you can readily get to them.

Congratulations! It took a lot of work, but down the road, you’ll appreciate the effort you put into cleaning out your garage and taking care of your Chevy.

We’re Sweeping Out Our Wide Selection of New Chevys at Knudtsen Chevrolet
Speaking of spring cleaning, now is the time to take advantage of special discounts and manufacturer incentives as we clean house on our huge inventory of new and GM-certified pre-owned Chevy cars and trucks, like the 2015 Chevy Colorado, winner of Motor Trend’s 2015 Truck of the Year award. Visit our model showroom, conveniently located at 1900 Polston Ave., Post Falls, ID 83854. For Sales, call 877-270-3220. For Service, call 877-310-0364.






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