5 Ways to Drive Distraction-Free

There you are, driving through I-90 from Spokane to Post Falls with a piping-hot coffee in your cup holder. Your smartphone comes to life, vibrating in its cute little cubbyhole. Of course, you let it go to voicemail and focus on the road ahead. Right?

5 Ways to Drive Distraction-Free

With April being Distracted Driving Awareness Month, there’s no better time to emphasize the importance of your safety. From texting and talking on your cell to cycling through radio stations in search of a Best of the 80s hour, activities that take your eyes off the road can be dangerous. Don’t risk your life because you had to check a recent text. Instead, follow these tips to keep those pesky distractions to a minimum.

5.) Set a Plan

Before you pull onto the road, make sure you’re ready for the trip. Check road conditions, adjust mirrors and seats, find your music or favorite podcast, set climate controls, and start GPS navigation before those tires start rolling. And don’t forget to perform regular auto repair and maintenance service! The key to freeing yourself from distractions is planning in advance.

4.) Silence Your Mobile

Silence Your Mobile

Pop your phone into silent mode to avoid the beeps and boops that come with every call or text. If you absolutely must talk or text, pull over and park in a secure area, preferably away from heavy traffic, and do your business. The road is for driving, not texting!

3.) Don’t Multitask

It’s been proven that multitasking isn’t a productive way to work, and it’s even worse for driving. Limit chit-chatting with passengers, eating that delicious morning croissant, or reading printed-off directions (really?), and keep your mind on the task at hand: Staying alive and keeping your car away from the mechanic.

2.) Request Passenger Help 

Serfdom is never the answer, but sometimes you can get a little help from your friends. Ask your passengers to perform the little cabin-enrichening actions, like changing the station, adjusting GPS settings, or correcting the AC. At Knudtsen Chevrolet, that’s what we call teamwork!

1.) Upgrade to a New Car

The newest cars are packed with driver-assist technology that can improve your daily commute.

The 2017 Chevy Cruze, for instance, is a phenomenal and affordable choice. It comes with safety features like rearview cameras, parking assist, rear cross traffic alert, lane keep assistance, forward collision alert, and blind zone warning. If you’re a parent, you’ll appreciate the Cruze’s addition of Teen Driver, a Chevy-exclusive system that adds driver-specific restrictions. Standard on all Cruze trims, this tech allows you to mute audio when seat belts aren’t fastened, monitor speeds (and warn drivers when over the limit), and more.

Are you ready to make a pledge to drive distraction-free? If so, come check out a 2017 Cruze or another new Chevrolet model at Knudtsen Chevrolet in Post Falls, ID. Contact our sales floor at 877-270-3220 to discuss our current inventory, new car specials, and any financing options available to you. In addition to being a Chevy dealership near Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, we’re also proud to offer a variety of auto repair services. If you’ve been involved in a collision or simply need a routine oil change, visit our Chevy service center for expert care and amazing Chevrolet service coupons.

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