Handy Tips to Beat the Summer Heat with New Chevy Accessories

Oh boy. Summer is just around the corner! And with all that sun comes our “not-so-favorite friend,” a hot car. Let’s be honest—no matter how much you love your Chevy Cruze, when the Pacific Northwest sun hits her peak, you take a beat before opening the door, knowing that Hell-like temperatures await you on the inside. And even though the Cruze blasts its AC like a pro, you can’t avoid the initial bout of sweaty pits.

Handy Tips to Beat the Summer Heat with New Chevy Accessories

Never fear, for Knudtsen Chevrolet has a plan to help you beat the summer heat! Here are some “cool” Chevy accessories to ensure you’re not drowning in sweat the moment you enter your car.

Remote Starter Kit

Our Post Falls Chevy dealers’ first recommendation? A remote start kit. Imagine sitting at your desk and firing up your trusty Chevy Silverado five minutes before you head out for lunch. You’ll be the most popular person in the office since you and your five-seater Silverado King Cab will be chauffeuring everyone around for sandwiches. Since it’s summer, you’ll obviously want to turn the dial from heat to AC as you exit in the morning—all in preparation for your lunchtime heroism. An added benefit of having a remoter starter is that you can use this same remote for the winter chill!

Audio Additions & Entertainment

Don’t forget to enhance your audio system and add some rear entertainment for the little ones! The Big Kicker® syncs with Bluetooth and allows you to pair your device for up to 20 hours of portable audio, allowing you to hit up the park, Coeur d’Alene Lake, or higher elevations to escape the valley heat. And with the rear seat entertainment system installed, any trip you take can be both versions of cool for your kiddos.

Floor Mats and Cargo Trays
Photo: Chevrolet.com

Floor Mats and Cargo Trays

Once you are in your cooled-down ride, you may not want to leave. So we anticipate all the local drive-ins are sure to get busy. To avoid the popcorn messiness, you can keep your floors protected with a Chevy floor mat! All-weather floor mats keep your Silverado, Cruze, or any other vehicle easy to clean after your adventures. And for your hatchback Cruze models, cargo trays are a must-have; they might not cool you down, but they’ll keep your organized, and that’s almost as relaxing.

Service and Performance

Service and Performance

Summer heat can keep your engine working overtime (thanks, blessed air conditioner). Please don’t overlook proper auto service, repair, and oil changes—they’ll not only get your Chevrolet ready for summer, but they’ll also keep it in prime working condition. So visit the Knudtsen Chevrolet service center in Post Falls, ID, and our knowledgeable team will get your Chevy prepped for the warmer weather.

In addition to our high-quality auto services, we also have several oil change coupons to save you money, and a variety of new Chevrolet models that will keep you cool all summer long! If you live or work in the Post Falls area, including Spokane or Coeur d’Alene, come take a test drive. Contact our Knudtsen Chevrolet dealership today at (208) 664-8107.


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