How to Enjoy Football Tailgating Season in Your Chevy Silverado

How to Enjoy Football Tailgating Season in Your Chevy Silverado

While most people are dreading the end of summer, a true football fan knows that the best season ever lies squarely ahead. No, it’s not autumn; it’s football season, of course. Maybe you only feel alive when watching Pete Carroll lead the Seahawks to a W. Or perhaps college football is more your thing, which means spending Saturdays supporting the Broncos or Huskies. Of course, there are also the loyal Spokane football fans who probably never miss a local high school or recreational game.

Regardless of which level of play or team you’re cheering from the bleachers, all self-respecting football fans know that true and loyal support begins in the parking lot hours before kickoff. So, what can you do this upcoming football season to enjoy tailgating the most? Make sure you’ve got a Chevy Silverado, for one. Here are all the reasons why the newest 2017 Silverado 1500 and 2500HD models make are the best tailgating QBs.

Have the Right Accessories

Just as your favorite team can’t expect to see success on the football field without the right gear, you can’t expect successful tailgating without the right accessories. Not sure what those are? No problem. Tailgate Master offers a free downloadable tailgating checklist so that you can easily pack up your Silverado and rest assured that you haven’t forgotten a thing. Follow this list and you’ll never forget a tailgating staple again.

Part of having the right tailgating gear also means having the right accessories for your Chevy Silverado. For instance, installing a bed mat, carpet, or liner will help protect the back of your truck from getting scraped by your trusty old grill or a fellow tailgater’s chair. And if you’re pulling a small trailer or camper to your tailgating party, you’re going to need the right hitch for the job; get that beforehand, and you’ll be ready to go on game day.

Chevy Silverado

Think Safety First

It’s not uncommon for Tailgating fans to be so hardcore in support of their teams that they sometimes forget that safety must come first. This begins with making sure your Chevy Silverado can safely transport you and your group to and from the games. One way to do this is to check your tires for wear and tread depth before you head to the stadium. No one likes to be stranded when the game clock expires, so go over these things in advance to prevent any potential problems.

Of course, if you have a newer truck like a 2017 Chevy Silverado, safety isn’t going to be a hassle. With the new Silverado, you’ll have quite a few safety features that are built right in! The safety features most used in tailgating events include front and rear park assist, low-speed forward automatic braking, and forward-collision alert. Parking lots can be more than a little chaotic, especially as everyone gets settled into place, and these features can help keep you and your crew safe and sound.

Chevrolet Silverado

For those who get lost and have no map-awareness skills, the Silverado also comes with OnStar’s Automatic Crash Response, which can prove invaluable if you should need assistance while at your pre-game party. It comes standard in the newer Silverados, providing yet one more reason to take this truck along with you on each tailgating adventure.

Knudtsen Chevrolet: For All Your Silverado Tailgating Needs

Whether you already have a Chevy Silverado and just need the accessories that can take your tailgating experience from “Woo-hoo” to “WOO-HOO!” or you’re looking for a new Chevy truck or used truck that will safely transport your crew this upcoming football season, our Post Falls Chevy dealer is here to help! Contact Knudtsen Chevrolet at (208) 664-8107 to schedule your test drive long before the first football game begins.

Chevy Silverado Trucks

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our Chevrolet specials and financing deals to save money on any of our new cars, SUVs, or Chevy trucks for sale! When you’re ready to get behind the wheel, visit our Post Falls car dealership at 1900 E Polston Ave.




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