4 Weird Yet Surefire Tricks to Get a Good Job in the Auto Industry

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Even if you graduate from college with a degree in your respective field, landing a great job in the automotive industry is never a sure thing. But try you must! Whether your dream job is to design cars or simply build or repair vehicles at a Spokane auto service center, you’ll first need to stand out in a crowd—both on paper and in person. Here are four unique ideas to help you get an interview and, hopefully, a nice fresh nametag at your new place of business.

4 Weird Yet Surefire Tricks to Get a Good Job in the Auto Industry

Create a “How-To” Video Portfolio

If you’re driven to teach, then teach. Make yourself a YouTube account and publish original how-to clips, focusing on the field you’re most interested in pursuing. For instance, if you’d like to begin working as an EV technician, you may want to showcase your ability to replace electric car batteries.

Another great example: If you want to become an automotive journalist or reviewer of cars, then start at your local dealership. Discuss your desires with the sales team, offering them free video content to post on their own social channels, in exchange for a daily “rental” of a particular model. Drive that vehicle around all day and record your own review. When it’s time to edit it, make a revised copy for the dealership. Not only will you be building your own brand’s portfolio, you’ll also be forming a relationship with people who are already established in the industry. Win-win!

Always Reinvent Yourself

Even car models take to the drawing board every few years, so what’s stopping you? Skills from last decade are great to have, but do they translate to the modern era well enough? If not, be persistent in acquiring a new set of skills that will. The best course of action is to attend a class or school within your chosen field. If you’re unable to afford classes, offer local businesses to work in exchange for tuition reimbursement. It’s an investment they’d gladly make if it means hiring a capable, skilled, and highly innovative worker.

Document a Passion Project

Like many of us at Knudtsen Chevrolet, you may have started working on cars since before you could even legally drive. It’s almost like a rite of passage. But those weekend DIY car renovations can serve a purpose into your adult life, too!

If you’re a teenager building an old Chevy Camaro with Dad, be sure to document the entire project, from start to finish. Include pictures, prices, difficulties, and actions taken to get that Camaro from “meh” to “whoa.” Highlighting your work ethic at a young age will instill confidence in potential hirers, putting you well on your way to a lucrative 6-figure career as a car designer or tech.

Show Off Your Creative Resume

Creativity is king, and only one true king can make it through the hiring process. If your resume is lacking personality or ingenuity, it may as well be sent straight to the trash can. Try some of these ideas when applying for an auto job:

  • Leave your resume in an area of your car that “needs” to be serviced. For instance, roll up your resume and place it inside the headlight along with a new bulb. Then bring your vehicle into the service center at your local dealership. They’ll quickly discover your unique way of requesting an interview, and you’ll be the talk of the town in the service bay.
  • Learn to knit—seriously—and create handkerchiefs for members of the auto service team. Just use transfer paper to apply your resume onto each handkerchief, and send them in the mail to businesses you’d like to work for.
  • Create a sales brochure for yourself, much like the model-specific brochures you’d find inside a car dealership. Add details about the best features of the “2018 You.” If you can sell yourself in such a creative way, you can probably sell a car to a narwhal.

Or Start at a Car Dealership!

It’s no surprise that many CEOs and auto design engineers began their careers on the showroom floor of their local car dealership. Getting a job at a dealership, even as a high-school student, allows you to understand the ins and outs of the industry firsthand. Not only will you have access to the best new cars for sale, but you’ll also have a foot in the door thanks to the relationships you’ll acquire.

Looking for a new opportunity? With so many changes to the automotive market coming, now’s the time to act! Search through available career openings at Knudtsen Chevrolet, your family-owned Chevy dealer in Post Falls, ID. Show us your stuff.








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